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The Facebook Ads for Listbuilding Bootcamp

Imagine 5 days from now, you're generating leads with Facebook Ads, every day, on autopilot, at a competitive price.  It's possible and we've taught thousands of students how - are you next?

Things are getting saturated and people are tuning out to offers... 

  Oof - scary to think. 

Essentially, things just aren't working they way they used to. We know that Facebook ad costs are up, we know that webinar show-up rates are down, and launches? Well, they aren't "quick cash grabs" like they used to be... 

 So what's a digital marketer (like you!) to do? Well, in my personal (and professional) opinion, the answer is to build a COMMUNITY of people that want to learn from you, and connect to your CONTENT. 

 What most people say is: 
 "Do a webinar, run ads, get paid, build an offer...

How's that working out in a 2024 world?

 Rather than rely on "hard push" sales strategies - where you make an offer, put up a countdown timer, and try to PUSH someone to say yes... 

 What if you were able to grow and nurture an audience FIRST and THEN make them an offer you KNOW they want?


So, the NEW problem becomes, how do I grow my AUDIENCE so that I can build RELATIONSHIPS... 

 And the answer is simple: Facebook Ads For Listubuilding. 

 Now I'm not going to lie, they aren't free, and they have become more expensive in recent years... But there are things you can do to bring the cost down. 

 Our student Christina was able to SLASH HER LEAD COST by over 50% by using the strategies we'll be teaching in our bootcamp.

And these results aren't random, or our "best case scenario" we have dozens of student testimonials like these:

Past Bootcamp Participant

"After 24 Hours I've 30 new leads - 2 ads sets at $0.62 and 1 (my warm) at $0.50"

Past Bootcamp Participant

I’m so happy with my results so far. My ads are costing me $1.90 on average but that’s AUD so about $1.35 US. At times the cost was much lower but I’ve been playing with them a little

I also turned off some of the regions but I’ve got 65 leads I didn’t have a week ago and they cost me $86.

Past Bootcamp Participant

I am loving FB lead ads, especially how Zach taught to connect it altogether. Created 1 campaign, 6 detailed targeted adsets , 3 creatives

I have 80 leads at £0.68 each!

Past Bootcamp Participant
I have reached the new 100 leads (with spending only € 80 so far) so I am super happy, thanks again for this great challenge!
Past Bootcamp Participant
Sunday Ad Update  
Total spent: $86.53 
Cost per lead: $.82 
Total leads: 105
Past Bootcamp Participant
Zach’s stuff is so actionable....

In the past week I generated 197 lead leads for $0.53 each for a total spend of $103.86.
Past Bootcamp Participant
I started Friday and I’m at 110 leads so far(2 days later) - it started with a bang at 60 on the first day!
Past Bootcamp Participant
My two ads are approved as of 10 p.m. last night...

 One has 4 leads already at .68 each.
Past Bootcamp Participant
I'm up to 183 leads!! 

(24 hours later):
Update: I'm at 244 now.

What could results like this do for your email list and business?

When you join the bootcamp, we'll spend 5-Days together making sure you have everything you need to get results!

Here's what we'll cover...

Day 1 - Writing Compelling Facebook Ads Copy & Designing Images
Learn to write copy for your ads from scratch to generate the best leads for your email list.

Day 2 - Setting Up Your Facebook Ads
On the third day, we're going to show you how to setup your ads with the copy and creative you've developed!  This includes over-the-shoulder ads setup!

Day 3 - The NEW Way of Advertising 
On the third day, we're going to talk about the NEW way of advertising and introduce to The Sphere of Influence Concept for growing your audience.

 Day 4 - Evaluating Initial Results
Now that you've got ads running, let's look at the results and talk about how to improve them.  This includes figuring out what is and isn't working

Jan 27  | Day 5 - Custom Audiences (And Next Steps)
Now that you're bringing in leads... what's next?!  We'll talk about custom audiences and the next steps to take in your business.

We've run this bootcamp multiple times live, and we always get student results.

even from those that have never run ads before - you can start from zero and have results in 5 days (for real!)

Each Day Is Easy As... 1 2 3

Step one login and get your assignment for the day.

Step two following the instructions to complete the actions to set yourself for the action based training

Step three implement what you're learning and start seeing the leads flow in

Step-by-step instructions + video tutorials included!
Each Day Takes 45 Minutes or Less

We'll Take You Step-by-Step Through Setting Up Your Ad

You Will Have EVERYTHING you need to generate leads, in 5 days!

...all for only $25

The Entire Challenge is Hosted in a Private Member Portal, with regular emails for encouragement and support!

By the end of the bootcamp you'll have...

High Converting Facebook Ads Copy & Images

Facebook Ads Running that Grow Your Email List

A Clear Blueprint for What To Do To Repeat & Scale Your Ads Success

A Vision For Next Steps to Take With Your New Leads

What could a consistent flow of leads do for your business?

"I have added 65 new subscribers to my email list in 48 hours"
I am learning to slow down, wait and understand that I could always change things as I go and I am always learning and growing.

The good news is - after the 48-hour trial run of my ads - I have added 65 new subscribers to my email list and a few people to my Instagram! 

Past Challenge Participant
"I have over 40 people signed up for my free ADHD group coaching"
I went step by step the exact same thing Zach walked us through, & I have over 40 people signed up for my free ADHD group coaching session next week. 

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!

Past Challenge Participant
"15 New Leads Since Last Night!"
Yesterday afternoon I completed the steps to get some lead ads up and running. 

 They were approved by Meta/FB within hours and ran through the night. 

 I've already seen 15 new leads come through as of early this morning.

Past Challenge Participant

Hey, I'm Zach Spuckler

 I'm the creator of Not Your Average Membership, host of the Not Your Average Online Marketing Podcast, and founder of Heart, Soul & Hustle, LLC. 


We're a digital marketing education company and agency that's worked with businesses ranging from “just getting started” to managing ads for $500k+ launches. 

 I've been creating digital courses, teaching marketers, and running ads for nearly 10 years (in fact it'll be 10 years on February 15th, 2024!)

Still have a question? These might help!
  • How Much Do I Need to Set Aside to Spend On Ads...
    I would recommend a starting budget of $200-250 for the first 14-21 days that you're running ads. We'll spend ABOUT $100-150 in the bootcamp, and you'll spend $25-50 a week (at least) after that. You can always spend MORE, but I recommend starting here
  • Is there a refund policy or guarantee?
    Love the content or ask for a refund. You have 14 days from the purchase of the bootcamp to request a refund of the $25 - that means you can take it, test it, and get results. If you don't or you decide it wasn't worth it - email us and we'll refund, no Q's asked.
  • Will you teach me how to sell to these new leads?
    Not in the bootcamp. The bootcamp is specifically about growing your community and list - we're going to focus on that. After the challenge we'll invite you to our $49/month membership which as a ton of content about nurturing and creating an offer to sell to these leads.
  • What if I'm new to Facebook Ads?
    That's okay! We're gonna teach you what to say, create, and click to bring them to life - I know it can be scary, but we're also going to have a private FB group to support you and answer Q's in real time!
  • Is this a live training, and will it be recorded?
    Yes, pre-recorded training, from January 2024, that we taught live and have packaged up for you to consume anytime!
  • I have another question...
    Just shoot us an email to or hit us up in the chatbox on the page and we'll get you taken care of :)
Ads Up and Running in 3 Days Converting in 5 Days
 The proven reality is that we help people get their ads up in 3 days and get results in 5 days. How? 

 We make it so that you spend  about 30 minutes a day learning a concept, then implementing it, so you can get ads written, designed, and up in a matter of days... 

What's it going to be like when you can control the flow of leads into your business with ads...

What will it feel like to have expert eyes working along side you to launch your ads in a few days and analyize the results together!

How accomplished are you going to feel when you have a new skill developed in advertising that will serve your business for years!

—don't miss thiS Training Opportunity—
2024 Is YOUR Year,
Let's Build Your List

This is your chance to learn from an expert that's spent millions on ads, and generated millions in sales - don't sleep on this - join today, for $25 (and a 14-day refund policy) what do you REALLY have to lose?

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