What If You Could Create a Steady
Stream of Viewers and
Buyers of Your Art?

Have you ever looked at a fellow artist or maker and thought, "What do they have that I don't"....

You know that your art is good, you create from the heart, you develop pieces that people would LOVE to have - yet you struggle to be seen online.

You find yourself wondering

  • How do I get my stuff in front of even more people?
  • How do I get people to LOVE what I'm doing to make the purchase?
  • How can I get more people engaged with my art when I share it on social media?

The Answer is Simple, Facebook & Instagram Ads...

Hey there, I'm Zach Spuckler, and I've been running Facebook & Instagram Ads for my business for over 6 years.  I've also run them for clients in the education, ecom, and coaching spaces.

And I want to tell you that there is SO MUCH you can do with Facebook & Instagram Ads for your art and product business.

I've studied ads for years, and recently even sold a handmade candle business that we took from zero to $10,000 in 60 days with the use of Facebook & Instagram Ads.

After spending a few months refining what worked in other places to our handmade candle business, we found massive success online and even had to pause ads for a short while while we caught up on our supply - and ultimate got bought out based on our sales!

What would it mean for you to have more sales, more customers, more followers on instagram, and ultimately feel seen with the art that you create?

It's possible, and I want to show you how!

Introducing: Facebook & Instagram Ads for Artists
A VIRTUAL 1-Day Experience

During this 1-Day Workshop We're going to Spend 3-4 Hours WORKING on Designing, Writing, and Setting Up Ads That Help You Sell More Art

Picture this, you log into your computer at 11:00AM PT on Friday, and by 3:00PM PT on that same Friday, you have everything that you need to launch your own successful Ads Campaigns


And I mean EVERYTHING...

This is the EXACT process that I've used to launch Our Crystal Infused Candle Business to a brand new audience, and scaling to over 100 sales in less than 60 days.

This Is What You'll CREATE During
Our Time Together...
This training is all about arming you with information and ACTION so that you can run ads for your art or handmade business.

By the end of our class you're going to have everything you need to launch your own profitable ad campaign.

  • Conversion Elements - We'll briefly talk about what your website needs to have BEFORE you drive traffic to make sure that people will want the art that you offer.

  • Crafting Converting Facebook Ads Copy - Learn how to write copy that attracts people to your website and ultimately turns them into fans.

  • The Importance of Photography (Finding Winning Images) - While we won't go into the logistics of shooting photos of your art, we WILL talk about how to find images of your work that draw people in and make sales.

  • Creating & Understanding Growth Campaigns - We'll cover how to run a simple campaign for just a few dollars a day that grows your social channels and following.

  • Creating & Understanding Buying Campaigns - By the end of class you'll know how to run ads to people who DON'T KNOW YOU but would be interested in your art - and how to convert them to a customer.

  • Creating a Simple "Retargeting" Campaign - Learn how to "follow up" with potential buyers through advertising.  If you've ever looked at that dress, home decor piece, or that amazing artist that's followed you around the internet... I'll show you how to do the same with your art.

  • Open Q&A Time - Throughout the day, and before we wrap, there will be plenty of time for Q&A and dialogue so you can get support with your ads questions - we won't leave anyone behind.

By The End Of The Class You Will Have Everything You Need to Launch Your Ad Campaign

This Class if For You If...

You Have a CLEAR vision and voice for the art or products you create

You are open to WORKING for the 3-4 hours we're together (this is a collaborative workshop - not just training)

You've sold a piece of art or product before (even if it's been offline, to a family, or friend)

This Class if NOT For You If...

You're just starting, and don't know what you want to sell or create for sale

You're not ready to run ads yet (we'll be setting up ads during the class)

You're not considering scaling your business with the help of Facebook Ads.

In Short - If You KNOW your art, KNOW you want to sell more, and have the DRIVE to make it happen... this is class is for you!


The workshop will be held on Sept 9th, 2022 from 11AM PT to 2:30PM PT


The workshop includes 3-4 hours of live time (there's a short break), a Facebook Ads Workbook, and time for Q&A and Support


The workshop day is priced at $197 for the 3-4 hours.


We are capping this training at 50 people.  

The price won't go up, we won't be opening up extra spots or hosting another
class... when we hit 50, we stop selling. That's it!


The class will be recorded, and the workshop
workbook will be available after class too!


Because of the nature of the live class, we don't offer refunds.

If You're Ready to Join us Just Enter Your Info Below To Reserve Your Seat


Marisa Cummings is the founder of Creative Thursday, and has helped THOUSANDS of artists sell more art, so they can become a full-time artist and live the thriving creative life.

Marisa has partnered with Zach Spuckler (who she's worked with for the past year) to bring this exclusive Facebook Ads training to her audience and support them in consistently reaching the right Collectors with their work.

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